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I Guess I Was Ready

Remember* this entire recitative about the Gift of Magic cover I could never find, no matter how often I scoured used book tables on Sixth Avenue, so much so that I actually thought it was possible I was going crazy?

My best friend had it in her room the entire past year, having no knowledge of my search, meaning to give it to me.

A Gift of Magic

BEHOLD the true cover of A Gift of Magic! Which Lois actually HAD NEVER SEEN! Which was a psychic bond between me and my BFF! And which is being reissued, incidentally, imminently!

* you obviously completely do not have to remember

I Know What You Did Last Issue

I am in the most recent Bookforum, writing on the wonderful world of Lois Duncan reissues. Killing Mr. Griffin — yes — makes an appearance. It looks like you can get a free issue, um, here? I have enormous issues with the covers — there is a NOOSE on the cover of Killing Mr. Griffin, which obvi makes no sense — but the updates ARE FASCINATING. (Cell phones! Crystal necklaces!)

If you have any great scans of Duncan covers, send and we’ll post.¬†First to comment gets free copies of all the reissues in my possession!

November 20th, 2010 at 6:44 pm

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