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Does blogging matter? How about panels?

At times the session felt like a support group, acknowledging that even the most beloved blogs have a natural life cycle: enthusiasm, devotion, love and, finally, exhaustion. Distinct from books, blogs are laboratories for passionate pursuits — where the profit motive can be put aside to accommodate expression and experimentation. It’s clear that virtually no one earns a decent living off blogging, so revel in the liberty of being beholden only to your interests. And when that interest flags and you begin to repeat yourself, as Guy LeCharles Gonzalez forcefully argued, quit and move on to the next thing.

The LA Times’ and Bloomsbury’s Peter Miller wrote a very nice round-up of our SXSW panel, Why Keep Blogging?, on which I joined Guy LeCharles Gonzales, Josh Fruhlinger, Scott Rosenberg and the lovely Emily Gordon. I would like, of course, to say yes, except of course I became OBSESSED with the 97 pages of Tweets the panel got (people cover panels on Twitter!), as well as IRL people saying we were the best panel at SXSWi. (This happened 3 times, and though one of them was Peter, I am certain it was indicative of a larger movement.)

Considering that this is one of the two articles covering the panel, I think the greater question should probably be, Does blogging matter if it does not cover your panel about it?

Also, here’s a video of the very Scott Rosenberg discussing blogging. There’s nothing from the rest of us, but I think my wet hair looks more decent than I had thought, thank God.

March 18th, 2010 at 10:57 am

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