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I can’t believe how hot it is. It’s difficult to continue with any other statement but an emphatic recitation of the previous: I can’t believe how hot it is. That said, many of you are somewhere with air conditioning, I assume? Here are two plotfinders to keep you amused, if not chilled to the bone. (Remember, to follow these with greater ease, you can always friend me on FB, where in great part the Shelf Discovery community resides, or you can subscribe to this feed at I think you can also just bookmark them here and check back, but again, how can you click something extra when IT IS THIS HOT???)

From Alice A.:

The book is about a teenage girl who lives with her father, and they suddenly have to go on the run because he’s been discovered by the police.  It turns out that he sold secrets to the Russians when he was younger (possibly some secrets about a calculator?), and his partner was arrested while he escaped.  The girl and her dad go on the run to escape the police (although now that I think about it, it might not be the police chasing them).  I distinctly remember a scene where she cuts and dyes her hair in a public (or motel) bathroom.  And I’m pretty sure the dad dies, and the book ends with her leaving the book (or her diary) in a bathroom or bus station so that her story would be told.  I’ve had absolutely no luck googling this and have been thinking about it for years!  Help!

I like it when you say “Help.” It makes me feel my life’s work is not entirely preposterous. Next one, from Nicole T.:

#1:Middle-school aged girl, outcast-ish. Has a little brother with a lisp who I think was supposed to be cute and endearing but who I found to be incredibly irritating as a character. Made celery sticks with cream cheese and raisins to share with friends at school, which sounded revolting to me. Cheerleading uniforms made of felt – and I think they were soccer cheerleaders? There were two male classmates, one with a thing for warts and the other with knobby knees (who may have been likened to a grasshopper at some point). A big school project that entailed crafting tiny clay native americans with ambiguous genitals. And above all, the FUNCHY Club – there was a club called FUNCHY, very exclusive as I recall, but I have no idea wtf FUNCHY means, and it shall drive me insane unless I find out. #2:The protagonist is a high-schooler whose name starts with a T (Tess? Tish?). T has teased bangs and exceptionally crappy parents – dad was abusive/absent, and mom just up and abandons T and her sibling (little brother?) early in the book. This was a pretty short read (100 pages or so) and focuses on T trying to survive without anyone knowing that her parents had bailed. I remember T shoplifting ground beef by stuffing it in her parka and trying to figure out how to keep the utilities on. The book ends when the family moves to Florida with the grandparents and T is confounded by the flat, straight hairstyles. The title is addressed to one of T’s teachers – like, “Dear Ms So-and-so, Something Something.”


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