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Ashley sent this today, which in my laziness has moved it to top of queue. I was already 400 in 90s and am definitely too old to know. Thoughts??? This one is also kind of epic in the crazed associative disorder order of these things — RODDY and CANDLESHOP and literally THREE BLIND MICE:

I have been searching for a book that I loved as a young adult and have not been able to locate it. The book is about two teen girls who take a day trip to a small artsy town (I think its Greenwich) for some shopping. One of the girls, (I think her name is Julie) begins to experience some deja vus. It turns out that she lived there in a past life and was accidently killed as a small child by falling into a ravine in a cemetary. Included in the story are a boy named Roddy who was a bully and lost some fingers in a machinery accident, a candleshop, and a music box that plays part of “Three Blind Mice”. As I’m sure you know, it is very frustrating to be unable to find a book you loved as a child. If you are unable to help, can you please help me find someone who can? I read this book in the late 80s – mid-90s

June 30th, 2010 at 4:15 pm

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