Instant solvation, Tuesday edition #plotfinder #finelines #shelfdiscovery

The requests are coming thick and fast, all with HELP! I feel so guilty! Please help these people!

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From Lori:

perhaps not your typical young adult novel??? historical novel set in ancient Eygpt, in the reign of Queen Hatshepset, the main character is one of the Queen’s slaves. I recall that grave-robbing is a crime you will get killed for, and there’s something about a young nobleman who the main character falls in love with, who, of course, may or may not be involved in graverobbing, and she actually gets enlisted to help with graverobbing. There perhaps is a young boy who is a fellow slave or her brother. I remember this book mostly for the descriptions of diaphonous cotton or linen clothing ….

From Megan B.:

A young woman and her family move into (rent?) an old hous for the summer and don’t really know anyone (kids are bored). I feel like there is a younger sister involved too. On a night with no power, they decide to have a seance for fun and try “Automatic Writing,” wherein the girl is hypnotized and given paper and pen to write whatever message the communicating spirit decides to share. Some kind of scary mystery ensues. It may involve a grandmother or previous owners of the house and mysterious death of a child (who wears a white dress?). I feel like there’s a climactic scene where an injured person is driven to the hospital in an old car, and I’m sure there’s a cute boy thrown in the mix too. Can anyone help, it’s been plaguing me for years?!! Automatic Writing is the key here, it’s the one thing from the book that I remember vividly. I wrote a book report on this as a kid and I’d really like to find it again!

From Leanne T.L.:

I am racking my brain trying to remember this series. A couple of books stand out-one was the kids swapping places with school staff for a day. The kids working in the cafeteria had trouble making enough cole slaw to feed all the students. Another book had the kids swapping families. There were several main characters, but a rich girl and a boy who’s family owned a restaurant stand out.

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